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The aim of the Action is to establish a coherent network of European Brewer Spectrophotometer monitoring stations in order to harmonise operations and develop approaches, practices and protocols to achieve consistency in quality control, quality assurance and coordinated operations.

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WG 1 - Instruments

The activities undertaken by this group provide one of the keys to the core Action goal of achieving consistency of all Brewer data products across Europe. A first step in ensuring consistency is to set standards for observational quality… Read More.

WG 2 - Algorithms

This group’s activities will provide the other key to the core Action goal of achieving consistency of all Brewer data products across Europe. Beyond the fundamental observational quality, the retrieved data is intimately dependent on… Read More.

WG3 - Networking and Data Processing

The purpose of this WG will be to develop the rationale, strategy and standards for collaboration, as well as the structure and model for the network governance. Standard operating and data processing, data storage and management… Read More.

WG4 - Users, public outreach and applications

This group will work with end users, stakeholders and operators to raise the profile of the Brewer monitoring stations within the context of the new network. Data products and formats will be developed to allow easy access for all end users… Read More.

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all-day @ WG2 & WG3 Database meeting
@ WG2 & WG3 Database meeting
Jan 27 – Jan 28 all-day
EUBREWNET ALGORITHM & DATABASE MEETING Santa Cruz de Tenerife27-28 of January 2015 PRELIMINARY AGENDA WELCOME ROADMAP UPDATE GAWSIS and metadata K&Z support to database. 1) [...]

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