• The sientific programme of the action is organized following   Working Groups (WGs):  
    • WG 1  Calibration: Instrument characterizations  and calibrations
    • WG 2  Algorithms : Review and further development of methodologies  and algorithms for data retrieval and processing.
    • WG 3  Network and Data Management:    focus on version control, software use  and updates, quality flags, and will provide a forum for operators, researchers and policy makers to discuss long term strategy for collaboration and coordination of data.
    • WG 4  User ,public outreach and application  : will ensure the bridging of communication gaps between policymakers and researchers, and between scientists and the general public,  dissemination of the Action deliverables

  •   Core Group
      Management Comitee
      Working Group 1
      Working Group 2
      Working Group 3
      Working Group 4